Cakes Are Indeed an Art Form…anyone can do!

That tasty and fabulous looking thing at your party or wedding reception is your cake. And it probably cost you a fair amount of notes. Whether its tiered or covered with exuberant decoration and detail, it is probably one of the few occasions you will paid so much for a slice of sponge cake.

Costing some £2-£4 per slice, it can get expensive considering the average wedding has 100+ guests, quickly running in the hundreds of pounds.

To some, this may be money well spent considering the artwork involved. At a wedding or birthday celebration, a cake is considered more than just a treat. It is a centre-pieve, an edible symbol of extravagence.. Making such a unique and delicate thing requires though of vast experience, with knowlegdge of safe construction and professional artistry. It is recommended that such a task be left to qualified individuals when catering for a large number of guests and family.

However, not all events are on such a scale or as formal. For small family gatherings and events, a homemade cake is certainly achieveable.

If you are someone who already has some baking skills, there isnt really anything preventing you from doing it. Practice makes delicious.

Cupcakes are delicious and still very popular.  With the right recipe you can make them in your own kitchen, or if you are not feeling creative, they can be purchased from a local cupcake provider.  The beauty of cupcakes allows you to have multiple flavours available instead of just one.

Although cupcakes may not be entirely traditional, they can be made to look very elegant and show stopping.

But for those who prefer the tradition route of a celebration cake, there are numerous options available. Simply take a deep breath and go for it.

If all else fails, buy a plain cake base and add some decoration to give your personal touch. Its will amaze how mcuh can be acheieved with a little thought.

For more information look online at, where you will find information about everything cake and cupcake related. It is an online store providing birthday cakes and wedding cakes, along with all other type of cakes. It will certainly give you some inspiration.


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One of our editing team is from the UK and is getting married soon. Whilst doing a search online for cakes Glasgow she found a delightful little bakery called Top Tier Cakes. There they are cakes and cupcakes, with some amazing designs. Having been in business for over 25 years as their site suggests, they are bound to have an extensive back catalogue of cake designs. Birthday cakes and wedding cakes are the main output but they also offer christening cakes, communion cakes, cupcakes, engagement and anniversary cakes. They have it covered by the looks of it. Dont believe us? Have a look for yourselves. Check them out and send us your thoughts.

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And remember, Sugar is nice!